I'm Jenna Britton and I'm a writer.

I love to write about life. My own is an easy place to start, but I'm interested in writing about anyone's life—all of our lives—in its many facets and nuances.

I love a good story. I am genuinely interested in the faded memories of my friends' grandparents. I am mesmerized by the corporate tales of the slightly buzzed business traveler at the airport bar. I am (probably far too) interested in the adventures of my own life—the absent father, the marriage (and divorce), and more than a few varied experiences in between.

To me, stories aren't just entertaining, although that helps; they're an opportunity for connection and a tool for understanding. They are the one thing we all share in common—and when we tell them, we make meaning of our lives individually and collectively.

So, I tell stories— in publications, on stages—to understand and make meaning of the lives we lead . . . and to remember that we're all a lot more alike than we think.