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Do I friend the dad who left?

The first time I saw my father, I searched his face for traces of me, for something that connected us in an indisputable way. I hoped he'd have the same smile or the same long forehead. But I was disappointed to find he was still as much a stranger as he'd been all my life. Read more.

Thought Catalog

The Only Way You Can't Is If You Won't

We get nowhere under the constant weight of our own uncertainty. Allow your doubt to be your friend, your guide, your cue that it’s time to go one step further. Let it move you: Say what you need to say, do what you need to do, spill yourself where you need to. Force her to set the bar continually higher. Read more.

The Everygirl

Overcoming the Fear of Not Being Good Enough

The women in my life are incredibly smart, hard-working, and talented. And I’m not just saying that because they’re my friends (although, of course, these are many of the reasons I want them in my life to begin with!). I’m saying this because I truly believe in their abilities and their value — I see it and I hear it and I feel it every time I talk to them. So, it’s surprising to hear that they don’t always feel the same. But then again, neither do I. Read more.

The Muse

4 Secrets to Taking Career Risks—While Still Paying Your Rent

Risk-taking is encouraged. But so is loyalty, building your brand and reputation by doing your job well, and—of course—paying your bills. How are you supposed to take risks then, while also ensuring you don’t put yourself in career or financial ruin? Read more.

Darling Magazine

"Why Are You Looking For a New Job?"

“So, tell me — why are you looking for a new job?” If there’s an MVP title for interview questions, this one just might take the prize. (“Can you share three of your greatest weaknesses?” comes in a close second.) Read more.