Jenna Britton

Hi! I'm Jenna.

And there are few things I love as much as the written word.

I write words for businesses and entrepreneurs. I write words for publications. I write words for myself. 

I was two-years old when I wrote my first “book”. I dictated it to my (very patient) mother, who wrote it down in her perfect, mom-esque cursive on blank sheets of white paper. Together, we picked out pictures from her magazines to illustrate my narrative. And when we finished, she hole-punched and tied the pages together with yarn.

So, you see, I’ve always been a writer. (And I’ve always had the most incredible mother.)

"I truly felt like Jenna's words were mine... but so much better! I was so impressed with her ability to make me sound authentically me. I would 100% recommend her services to anyone who's having trouble telling their story—professionals, entrepreneurs, marketers. Jenna is truly a "modern-day storyteller" who finds the stories in everyone and tells them in a magical, compelling way." - Adrian Granzella Larssen, The Muse

By elementary school, I could actually hold a pen and write for myself. (I learned so much in those early years!). My third-grade teacher, Mrs. Wolfer, further encouraged and supported my creative ability. If I turned in my work early, she’d let me use one of the two class computers until our lunch break, letting me dream and write whatever I wanted.

My mom and Mrs. Wolfer weren’t the only women to encourage me, though. There was my maternal grandma, who helped raise me and praised my scribbled stories. And Sarah Hepola, the memoirist and (now former) editor at Salon, who published my first personal essay.

I have always been encouraged by the women who saw the magic in my words; who understood the power of story. They believed that anything I wrote was worth sharing with the world if it meant I could express myself, and support or connect with someone else.

And I believe that, too. 

Me and a deer. Paso Robles, California. January 2017.

(More) About Me

I am a Sagittarius Sun + Cancer Rising + Scorpio Moon. That should tell you everything you need to know about me.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, spent four years living in Berkeley and San Francisco, California, and moved to Portland, Oregon in September 2017. I'm in love with Portland (especially Powell's), but I miss my mom, my dogs (who live with my mom), and my closest friends in LA every single day.

I am usually reading at least four books at once. I read a lot of non-fiction (particularly personal and spiritual development), but enjoy escaping into some fiction every now and again. I have resolved to be much better at updating my GoodReads profile in 2018! Follow along to see what I'm reading.

I have been married—and a lot of my recent writing (and my TEDxPasadenaWomen Talk) use my married name as my byline. I went back and forth on whether or not I should go back to (and stick with) my maiden name on my work. It's probably not good branding or SEO-savvy. But I'm back to doing what I wish I'd done in the first place—telling stories for myself as myself.

I'm half black, half white. And according to 23AndMe, I have a muscle composition common in elite athletes (LOL).

I spent seven years working in Public Relations and Digital Marketing before I became a full-time freelance writer.  What I learned during that time has been foundational, instrumental, and incredibly valuable to my success as a freelance writer now.

Everything I write, speak, teach about—telling my stories, being honest and vulnerable, sharing openly and consistently, changing my internal stories to improve my life—is everything I struggle with the most. Still. Daily. Teach what we need to learn, right?

I have a mug collection that's 50+ strong. And my coffee-maker sits on the nightstand next to my bed. Some might say I have a problem—I say I know how to live my best life.