Cuddling with my favorite girls, Lola and Teigen, during my most recent trip home to LA.

Cuddling with my favorite girls, Lola and Teigen, during my most recent trip home to LA.

I’ve lived in my new apartment for over five months now, and I love it so much. I really appreciate having a little space of my own, and I’ve been working to make it cozier and have it reflect the person I am and the experience I want other people (and myself!) to have there — which is to say, one that is peaceful, beautiful, and comforting.

Speaking of my new (-ish) home, I just experienced my first snow day in Portland! And while it was gorgeous (and mild), I was still a little nervous on the icy roads. I don’t want to say I’m counting down the day ‘til summer, but . . . (it’s 136 days).

Here's what else is new with me NOW.


It's (still) been awhile since I posted on Brave Enough to Be, and I look forward to getting back to sharing regularly this year. I did a meditation recently, which reminded me of something I’ve known to be true for awhile now: My work in the world is to write and share what I write. I need to show up more, and I’m committing to doing that this year.

I don’t have any more freelance copywriting clients! Can you believe it?! (I hardly can.) I’m determined to make space for my own writing this year, and that started with ending the relationships where I was only showing up for someone else. (This happened in my personal life as well, but that’s an update for another section.)


I haven’t been reading as consistently as I’d like this year, but I’m slowly starting to get back into my routine after the holidays and I hope that will change soon.

I’ve got a few unfinished tomes on my bedside table including: Atomic Habits by James Clear, Sober Curious by Ruby Warrington, and Your Best Year Ever by Michael Hyatt. All are very good so far.

A few reads I finished recently (and really enjoyed) were: Becoming by Michelle Obama and This Will Only Hurt a Little by Busy Phillips. Both really great memoirs, in such very different ways.

(You can always find out what I’m reading — or not, for that matter — on Goodreads).


I am (STILL) trying to be a healthier human. I’ve just signed up to do the 21-Day Fix in an accountability group with a girlfriend of mine.

After the holidays (during which I split ways with my partner), I feel like I need a bit of a reset — or perhaps a restart of my life.

I am trying to take things a bit slower than I have in the past; not trying to change everything at once (and then becoming overwhelmed and not remaining consistent with anything).

Beyond that, I have been really fascinated with a system called Human Design. I first heard about it on the Almost 30 Podcast, and I’ve admittedly fallen down a bit of a rabbit hole in the last several months. It’s like the ultimate personality test, combining western astrology, the I’Ching, Kabbalah, and the chakras into a single chart. Have you heard of it? Let me know, because I love to jam on it with anyone who will listen!

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